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Art created by AI will not be copyrighted!

Kathmandu. Art created by AI will not be subject to copyright. The US District Court has issued such an order only recently.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being discussed recently. In particular, AI is being used for many tasks such as creating art and preparing text.

Along with this, the question of copyright of art and text created by AI has also been raised. A district court judge in the United States has ruled that art created by AI cannot be copyrighted.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, last Friday, United States District Court Judge Beryl A. Howell said that artwork created by AI cannot be copyrighted.

A man named Stephen Thaler filed a complaint with the US Copyright Office claiming that he should have copyrighted AI-generated images produced by his Creativity Machine algorithm (neural network firm Imagination Algorithm).

He demanded that anything created by artificial intelligence should be protected by the Copyright Act.

Judge Havel presented a court decision against Stephen saying that the Copyright Act does not clearly address works created by AI.

According to Havel, anything created by AI is based on what someone has done before. Therefore, he argues that questions may arise about the originality requirement for copyright protection.

Apart from that, she said that the Copyright Act protects the copyright of human-made content. It is the first time that such a decision has been made by the court in America.

Therefore, The Verge mentioned that there is a high possibility of an appeal on this decision.

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